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The Talent Show
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As a grandmother, I purchased this book to read to my grandaughter who is 10 years old. It is a wonderful book which teaches forgiveness and courage and addressed many of the situations which she faced in school, and which many of her classmates faced as well. Each issue was dealt with in a positive way. The book is cute and charming and yet poignant. I recommend it for all children of that age.

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Ten year old Rachel has many decisions to make.She first has to recognize that her writing is indeed, a talent.It takes her best friend to convince her of this.Her next decision is even tougher.She must decide whether or not to enter the fourth grade talent show and compete against the meanest girl in her grade, who not only won the talent show last year, but who has made her life miserable for the last two years.The Talent Show is a book that many children in elementary school can relate to, presenting problems that most of them will face.It teaches lessons in self-confidence, courage and forgiveness.

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