Names Will Never Hurt Me Review

Names Will Never Hurt Me
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One year has passed since the death of a fellow high school student.
This book takes you inside the lives of four high school seniors for one day.
Ryan, The "Jock", who thinks he is everything, loves girls; yet faces an abusive dad.
Kurt, The "Outcast", who always gets beat up; but keeps the anger bottled inside himself, while dealing with a neglecting family.
Tisha, The "Bi-Racial, who's smart, has a best friend and a good family; but faces racist remarks and actions by other students.
Mark "Floater", the "Snitch" who works for the principal, telling him everything happening in school; but his lust for power and popularity will be his greatest downfall.
You learn so much about these four students and what they have to go through each day, but on this fateful day, another tragic event will happen.
What and who is affected?
The shocking climax and resolution made this one of the best books I've ever read in my book.
Not only does it have great character developement, but it makes you feel like you are right there watching them.
I hope the author makes many more books like this because I will be reading thing.

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