The Gypsies Never Came Review

The Gypsies Never Came
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Augie, the hero of this beautifully written book, is unusual in many ways. He suffers from a physical handicap and a yearning for the father he has never known. When a wonderfully eccentric girl comes to town, she changes his life. At first Lydie Rose is a thorn in Augie's side as she encourages him to celebrate the fact that he is different from other kids. While he slowly comes to believe that the "gypsies" will come for him, the reader is drawn into his world, a realistic small town. I gave this book to my young brother because I recall reading another of the author's books when I was his age. That book was funny. This book is funny too, some of the time. But it is much more than that. It is a story that stays with you, filled with interesting characters. My brother insisted that I read it myself and I enjoyed it as much as he did

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