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Comedy Girl
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Comedy Girl by Ellen Schnieber is a hilarious realistic fiction and I reccommend it to all. It was an extremely good book about following your dreams, not matter what others think or say.
This book was great, I love comedy and this book had original jokes I could understand. I am a high school student and since the main character was an aspiring high school comedienne, I really connected with what she had to say. Especially the jokes there were about cliques and different subjects and the way others react and behave to what is going on. The main character in this book could also be related to by most students, she wasn't the most popular or the prettiest or the smartest, she may have been the funniest, but it was really hard for her to come out of her shell. I could definitely relate to that, high school is hard, especially when you're trying to find your place and fit in.
Though I loved this book, it was kind of cliche to a point. One of the plot lines is that Trixie (the main character)is in love with the popular dream guy, Gavin and it kind of reminded me of sixteen candles in the sense that the "girl gets the hunky guy she's always dreamed of," and some of the love scenes made me want to gag. Other than that, however, I have no complaints.
Overall, this book was a hilarious and satisfying read. Though some of it was rather cliche, this book had an original theme and plot and loveable characters that were just trying to follow their simple dreams. This book kept me laughing and I reccommend it to all comedy lovers out there!

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