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Minerva Clark Gets a Clue
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I love the central and brilliant makeover conceit of Minerva Clark Gets a Clue: instead of the usual predictable exterior redo, Minerva is struck by a literal bolt from the blue which transforms her adolescent self-hatred to self-acceptance. It's Cinderella with brains, a refreshing and fun antidote to the whole Ophelia disaster that can entrap teenage girls. As both a therapist and the mother of a daughter, I recommend it highly on this count alone. It's also a good mystery that keeps you turning the pages, with enough truth and art to engage adults as well as kids. I was listening closely: Minerva doesn't talk in fakey/cutesy mock-adolescent talk but in a voice that is current but authentic and fresh. I also think young teenagers will enjoy the setup of Minerva living with her 3 older brothers and no on-site parents. I relished this book and so did two 13-year-old girls in my life. We're hungrily awaiting the next book in the series.

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