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Princess Pig
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My boys,5 and 8, LOVE this book. Even though my 8 year old can read it himself, he will rush over when he hears me start to read it. As the other reviewers state, the book has a great message. But I think it's an exceptional story when a 'princess' themed book appeals to two rough-and-tumble boys!!!

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Princess? Pig? Both? A crown may not be the perfect accessory for an adorable pig.One day a sash from a local beauty pageant blows across the farm and lands right on Pig, who takes it as a sign. "I must be a princess," she squeals. Pony disagrees, but all the other animals in the barnyard are happy to recognize her new title. Pig is delighted to learn that princesses are treated to pretty princess pies, decadent bubble baths, fluffy pillows, and soothing bedtime lullabies.But there is a cost to the grandeur. There are many things that princesses aren't allowed to do—like sleep late, or roll in the mud, or attend parties in the barn hosted by the common folk. Maybe Pony was right when he said, "It's a fine thing to be a pig, if a pig is what you are."

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