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The Deer Dancer
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I got this book at a bookstore the day it came in and I was so glad I did--it was a really inspiring story. The boy is dirt poor and he works his way up in life--dealing with many problems that seem real. I'd recommend it to anyone, of any age, who is interested in Indian life or in Mexico or the Zapatista uprisings, but would be especially right for very mature teenagers and twenty-somethings.

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Juan Araiza is a Yaqui Indian boy with no money, no shoes, no education, and no future. He leaves his village to search for his father a man he never knew in Mexico s second largest city. He doesn t find his father, but his native wit and grit take him all the way from the streets to a job in the federal government. He meets the charismatic Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos and soon finds himself feeling torn his head in the government job and his heart in the black-masked Zapatista fight for Indian rights.

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