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The Dunderheads
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The WHOLE class gets involved in this caper - - trying to wrest a broken cat statue (with attributes that only Miss Breakbone has noticed, in the beginning anyway) from the spooky and well-secured haunted house belonging to Miss Breakbone -- a feared and hated teacher who towers menacingly over all the kids in her class.
This is a delightful little read, for kids in the 5th - 9th grade, that shows how teamwork and ingenuity can make the day.
The illustrations are delightful and very Gorey-esque (but in this case, the humans actually do talk!!). Every kid tells a story -- just by having and demonstrating her or his unique and bizzarre talents. The kids risk everything to bravely get back that little cat statue -- and in the process of doing so, confront their own fears and triumph in their endeavor.
You can bet that the students' newfound solidarity will will give mean old Miss Breakbone food for thought the next time she tries anything remotely nefarious in the future.

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