I Don't Have Your Eyes Review

I Don't Have Your Eyes
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I just received this book as a gift. It's wonderful, filled with sweet messages affirming the value of loving, caring, giving, listening and sharing, and illustrations showing children and care givers who don't look alike sharing day-to-day life moments. I didn't realize how much I miss seeing images of diverse families in books until I read this one. The large photos are appealing even to young children and the text is accessible to a large age range of children with messages a parent won't tire of reading. Differences between family members are not denied but the commonality of the human spirit is honored. This book is appropriate not only for adoptive families (like my own) but step-families, bi-cultural or multicultural families and families where biologically related children don't resemble one or either of their parents. It's a great book for school reading projects too as it promotes positive messages and is inclusive of children who don't look like their caregivers.
Cissy White, Families with Children from China member, So. Shore, Ma

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