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Take a Kiss to School
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Digby is a little otter who is starting kindergarten. Well, in fact, he's already started it. He had a great first day of school, actually, but he's nervous about the second day. He's worried he's forgotten everything that he needs to do, and he just wants to stay home with his mom. Of course, that isn't going to work, but his mom has an idea. He can take a kiss to school -- well, a dozen kisses, in fact. She blows a dozen of him and slips them into his pocket. She tells him that if he's ever worried, "take a kiss from your pocket and imagine I am with you." Sure enough, there are times that Digby feels nervous and worried that day. But when he reaches from one of those kisses, it reassures him, and he realizes that he knows what to do.
The illustrations are charming and playful. There's some fun things to look at, particularly during the scene when the various animal characters are all having their lunch. And the ending of the book is delightful.

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