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Theories of Relativity
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Theories of Relativity is a great novel. It allows you to travel into the mind of a 16 year old teen named Dylan who was recently kicked out of his house. He struggles day after day begging for money to be able to buy food to live. He finds a few friends and thinks he has a tight relationship with all of them, but unfortunately one of them ends up betraying him. Throughout the novel Dylan has to face a few but tough obstacles that confront him and they leave him both physically and emotionally scarred for life.
Also, I agree with Marsha Skrypuch, who previously said that "The story will stay with you." It has definitely touched me and will stay with me in the future. Not only has it influenced my perspective on life, I think it will influence anyone else who reads it. After finishing reading this book I took a moment and thought about how most people have very easy lives and how Dylan had to struggle during his life, both when he lived in his house with his family and also when he lived on the streets.
This fantastic book has left a deep imprint on me and it will on anyone else who reads it. I recommend everyone to read this book as it is most definitely a MUST READ!

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