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Diary of a Fairy Godmother
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DIARY OF A FAIRY GODMOTHER is told in first person by Hunky Dory, a young witch who attends Harbinger's Charm School for Young Witches. Hunky is at the head of her class in charm school. She can turn princes into dragons and make teacups and hats appear out of thin air. Her classmates are jealous of Hunky's ability to cast any spell without disaster. Her mother, a brewer of magic potions, thinks Hunky will grow up to be the most wicked witch wherever the four winds blow.
It isn't long before trouble begins. At first, her classmate, Frantic Search, notices Hunky undoing an evil charm. Then Hunky is invited to a baby christening at the castle. She watches fairy godmothers giving wonderful gifts to the newborn baby. After her Auntie casts a wicked spell on the new baby, Hunky uses her magic to undo the spell. When she does, she gets a warm, tingling sensation all over her body. She wonders if it would be possible to become a fairy godmother herself.
When Hunky's mother, Auntie, and Mrs. Harbinger learn that Hunky is considering changing careers, they try to discourage her. Despite their efforts, Hunky is more determined than ever to try granting wishes for a living. She sets up shop in the bottom of a wishing well and grants wishes to people who toss down coins. Eventually, Hunky decides that she wants to become a real fairy godmother, but it will take the help of a special girl named Cinderella to make it happen.
Esme Raji Codell, who has worked as a teacher, a children's librarian, and a bookseller, is the author of two previous books for children: SING A SONG OF TUNA FISH: Hard-to-Swallow Stories From Fifth Grade, and SAHARA SPECIAL, which was the winner of the IRA Children's Book Award.
DIARY OF A FAIRY GODMOTHER is a clever addition to her growing body of work. It is a story about empowerment and making things happen rather than just waiting and wishing for them to happen.

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