Shapesville (Step Chain) Review

Shapesville (Step Chain)
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I bought this book for my neice and she loves it. There were no books on this subject for her reading level until now. I am very happy that someone has finally realized the need for a book addressing younger kids. I can't wait to see more books out there addressing this issue. Whoever these people are, they really know how to reach kids! I think is book is great.

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Shapesville is a small town where five friends of various shapes, sizes, colors, and talents discuss their differences and celebrate what makes each of them unique. Simple, rhyming verse and bold, playful illustrations of basic shapes and colors introduce these charmers: red rectangle Robbie, yellow circle Cindy, blue square Sam, orange diamond Daisy, and green triangle Tracy. These endearing characters show that "it's not the size of your shape or the shape of your size, but the size of your heart that deserves first prize." Questions at the end encourage discussion of these characters and what they mean.

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