Discipline for Life : Getting it Right with Children Review

Discipline for Life : Getting it Right with Children
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Before reading this book, I would have told you that nothing I do seems to make a difference in the behavior of my children. I found myself telling other parents that I parented in two ways: threats & bribery. I found myself rewarding my kids for behavior that they should already be doing on their own and having to increase those rewards as they aged or just got smarter to the system. Madelyn Swift's book has given me a better way to discipline and now my children do listen. There are no more rewards or threats of punishment. There are disciplinary consequences. My children know that I mean what I say and trust that I will follow through. I have learned to truly discipline them to make them the best adults that they can be. There is a reduction in the stress and anger in our family. More importantly, I have come to enjoy my children much more and no longer feel angry at them when they misbehave. This book empowers you as a parent. You don't walk away feeling guilty for not doing what the "experts" say should be done but excited to know that you can make a difference in the lives of your children. Getting it Right with Children shows you how to teach your children to make the best and right choices to become self-disciplined and contributing members of the family, school and society.

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What do you want from discipline?Better behaved, more cooperativechildren? Certainly!This book gives you practical, helpful techniques for accomplishing this. But don't stop there.Discipline can accomplish so much more.We also want emotionally healthy, respectful, responsible, self-disciplined children who knowhow to make sound decisions, communicate effectively, solve problems with skill, handledifficult situations with grace, and treat others with dignity.What we teach with our discipline at ages 2, 5, and 12, will return to help or haunt us during theiradolescence and adulthood.The tips, traps, and stories found in this book help us disciplineeffectively today yet keep an eye toward the future.For we will reap what we sow.

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