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Twists and Turns
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Teesha and Keeba Washington have finally graduated from Brooklyn High School and are wondering what they are going to do with the rest of their lives. Although Teesha is a year younger, she graduated right along with her sister and the two of them are as close as any two sisters could be. Their mother is proud of her daughters' accomplishments thus far and only wishes that she could provide more in the way of their future, but life in the inner city isn't easy. Unlike their lifelong friends who have moved from the projects into college, or jobs such as TV commercials and computer programming, Teesha and Keeba haven't found their niche yet. The only thing they do is braid hair -- and they do hair quite well.
Twists and Turns is a book that illustrates both the power of sisterhood and teamwork. On many levels this book is written for young adults, yet older readers will enjoy the story as well. Belief in each other, the skills of their craft and cooperation amongst friends and family, the Washington sisters rent a storefront in the neighborhood and open up TeeKee's Tresses.
The elements of a good story are present in Twists and Turns as the girls experience jealousy and envy, political scheming and landlord greed. Through it all, the reader wonders if the girls can sustain themselves or will their hardships break their entrepreneurial spirit. While reading, one might question their resolve to overcome the stereotypical nature of their living and business surroundings. The plot takes many twists and turns but the journey chronicling their action is fast paced and energetic.
Not a street fiction book, but certainly bringing it home that life in the inner city isn't easy, Twists and Turns captures the environment and the reality that everything in a supposedly bad environment isn't really as bad as it seems. Belief in yourself is one of the central themes from which everyone can benefit. Though this book is fictional, teenagers can picture themselves in the vulnerability of the Washington sisters and find strength in the positive outcome perseverance always yields.

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