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This book was alright. Since the reading was pretty easy and quick, I would recommend this for about to 10 to 11-year-old range. This book is about a girl, Hailey Loring, who gets written off of her show, and now she wants her peers and fans to know her for who she is as Hailey Loring, not Samantha Love, (the girl she played on the show). This is a good book for most kids, girls would probably be more interested since the main character is female. Also, a great book for any kids interested in acting. Shows the rough but true side to it.

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Haley has grown up and grown out of her starring role in a hit TV show. When her family leaves Hollywood, Haley has to attend sixth grade in a new school--with regular kids. Although she tries her best to adapt and fit in with the in crowd, the nearly perfect Andy Valdez seems to know she's only playing another role.

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