Things Good Mothers Know: A Celebration Review

Things Good Mothers Know: A Celebration
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This may be Alexandra Stoddard's best book yet. It's a quick and powerful read. I read it in two evenings while highlighting favorite passages to return to and savor. In my experience, most mothering books focus on one of two subjects: modifying children's behavior or chronicling the whines and rants of unhappy moms. In contrast, Alexandra's book acknowledges the challenges involved in raising children while focusing on mentoring mothers in creating a more joyful life for themselves and their children. In her signature style, she writes a book that is down to earth yet eloquent. She does a lovely job of interweaving personal anecdotes with the insights of philosophers and other notable individuals, including Napolean Bonaparte ("Circumstances! I make circumstances). What I love about Alexandra Stoddard's many books is that when I read any one of them, I feel immediately uplifted and inspired to take concrete steps to invite more joy into my life. I have known more happiness as a woman, a mother and a book author because I ran across Alexandra's books in a Houston bookstore more than 20 years ago (the first I read was Living a Beautiful Life). Things Good Mothers Know is sure to be a classic in the literature on motherhood. Happy Reading and Mothering!--Debra Woods, author of It's Okay to Take a Nap: and Other Reassuring Truths for Mothers Everywhere.

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