Here's How I See It--Here's How It Is Review

Here's How I See It--Here's How It Is
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This book is a delightful read for 'tweens and early teens. Junebug is "almost 13" and though she adores her family's summer stock theater, she is feeling a little put upon with her list of chores and wishing (maybe) she could have a bigger part not only in the shows, but also in her parents' affections. It doesn't help that her mother has sort-of moved out and her father is making eyes at his co-star. Did I mention her father has taken on a 12-year-old theater apprentice, and expects Junebug to teach him the ropes?
What I liked best about the book: the clever fantasy/reality set up of the chapters (reflected in the title: HERE'S HOW I SEE IT/HERE'S HOW IT IS.) Junebug, Trace and the parents grapple with real problems in real ways, without being too heavy handed. The "backstage" view of theater life. The way Junebug explains theater terminology to readers who might not be as well versed. Plenty of parts to make you smile. Great (sometimes purposely fractured) lines from plays. And now, Anon, my friends. Pick up this book if you desire some fun.

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