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The premise of this book, a trip to get away from it all, is, as has been said, nothing new, but this book is extremely well-crafted in making all of the characters plausible and real - AND INTERESTING. Robin is dreading her boyfriend's first year at college while she is still in high school, when he gets a trip to Italy as a graduation present from his rich parents. Rather than falling apart entirely, Robin takes her mother's and her aunt's suggestion of accompanying her aunt and her cousins on a trip to California.
The best thing about this book is its lack of the melodramatic. All of Robin's relationships seem so real. She makes mistakes; she recovers. She gets mad at her cousin; she learns to sometimes hold her tongue. She doesn't pretend to like everything that comes her way, but she learns to tolerate it and with that, she not only begins to enjoy herself, she becomes able to help both herself and her family.
I have enjoyed other works by this author and this is another good one. The special quality about this one is that it feels GOOD to have read it - almost like you have learned a gentle lesson yourself.

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