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Run for Your Life
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The Book Run for Your Life is a really interesting book. I picked the book because the cover of the book looked interesting. When I first started reading the book I didnt think I was going to like it but I kept reading it and it got very interesting.
This book is about a girl named Kisha. Kisha is growing up in the projects. She lives in Oakland, CA. Kisha has started running track at the community center for a man named Darren who is her coach. She is on the team with her best friends Notonia, Jennifer, Ester, Shanika and Malika. Kisha spends most of her time at the community center. She lives with her mother,brother and her father. Kisha is going through a lot of problems at home with her parents.She finds out that her friends on the track team have similar problems with their parents.
I would strongly recommend this book to anyone that is going through a lot of problems with their parents at home.I would rate this book as a 10. In this book I like the way the author writes exactly how a child would speak.
Run for Your Life is really a great book. It could help most teens with thier problems at home.

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