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Superheroes have an innate appeal to kids, and photographer Marc Tauss entertainingly taps into that subliminal vein with his visually stunning black-and-white photography "comic book," Superheroes, the endearing tale of Maleek, "a small boy in a big city-- [who's also] a scientist and a superhero!"
"Maleek loved comic books. It was fun to catch up on his fellow superheroes' adventures." the story begins. It's a relatively simple one, featuring disappearing parks and Maleek's over-the-top solution to the mystery, reveling in the seemingly lost art of a hero being a hero simply because it's the right thing to do. And it's fun! The photography -- the combination of a great eye, superior Photoshop skills, and some imaginative constructs -- is absolutely stunning, each collage capturing both the literal and subtextual aspects of Tauss' childlike fantasy.
More important than my enjoying it, though, was Superheroes passing the ultimate test: my almost 5-year-old son liked it, the same kid who typically only likes comics featuring characters he knows from TV, who turned his nose up at Owly, but loves Bumperboy. His enjoyment did come with a qualifier, though, as he explained to his mother: "It's not a comic book. It's a book!" And a wonderful book it is, a worthy addition to any child's bookshelf, sitting alongside any of Dr. Seuss and Maurice Sendak's best works.

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