The Nonprofit Sector: A Research Handbook, Second Edition Review

The Nonprofit Sector: A Research Handbook, Second Edition
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The Nonprofit Sector is an essential resource for anyone studying nonprofit organizations and how they operate. It is a compendium of the latest research on the core aspects of nonprofit organizations -- the things that make them unique in terms of their purpose, structure and tax status. The handbook includes chapters on the various theories for the existence of nonprofit organizations, including the major political, economic and social theories, as well as full discussions of fund raising, voluntarism, governance and other key topics.
I teach a graduate course in the theory and practice of nonprofit management and use this book as one of two main texts.

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The second edition of The Nonprofit Sector provides a novel, comprehensive, cross-disciplinary perspective on nonprofit organizations and their role and function in society. This new, updated edition keeps pace with industry trends and advances as well as with the changing interests and needs of students, practitioners, and researchers. As before, every chapter has been written to stand on its own, providing sufficient background for the reader to follow the argument without referring to other chapters-allowing readers to selectively choose those chapters that are most relevant to a particular course, interest, or issue. The Nonprofit Sector: A Research Handbook includes twenty-seven new or updated chapters. Relevant chapters from the previous edition have been refined, and new chapters have been added to fill in gaps, making this the authoritative reference for all who want an accessible, perceptive, and all-inclusive rendering of the nonprofit sector. The contributors-prominent scholars in their respective fields-carefully reflect upon the variety of changes in the rapidly growing world of nonprofits, examining a wide array of organizations, international issues, social science theories, and philanthropic traditions and covering a broad range of topics including the history and scope of nonprofit activities in the United States and abroad, the relation of nonprofits to the marketplace, government-nonprofit issues, key activities of nonprofits, aspects of giving to and joining nonprofits, and nonprofit mission and governance. For anyone who wishes to have a deeper understanding of the nonprofit sector, this remains the essential guide.From reviews of the first edition:"[This book] is the closest thing to a 'bible' of nonprofit sector research and state-of-the-art social science knowledge as currently exists."-Dennis R. Young, Public Administration Review"Invaluable to anyone currently engaged in research or policy decisions involving nonprofit organizations or, for that matter, considering becoming involved."-Jerald Schiff, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management"An exceptionally useful resource."-Mark D. Hughes, The Philanthropist

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