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The Sissy Duckling
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The Sissy Duckling is a fabulous children's book. I write this glowing review not just because I am a fan of the supremely talented actor and author, Harvey Fierstein, but because the book is genuinely good.
The story of Elmer, the different, special ducking is unique. It is funny and touching.
Anyone who has ever had a son that was different from the other boys, a son who preferred dress-up to football, baking to Pokemon, will appreciate this book.
My son does not play football or rough and tumble sports. He would rather read about knights or pirates or Napoleon. He would rather dress up as a Ninja or King than kick a soccer ball. He is not like the other boys his age --- he is more sensitive and compassionate. He is fiercly loyal and terribly creative.
If you have a unique, special little guy in your life, this is the book for him.
Oh, and I like to think of Elmer as Sassy - willing to fly his own course - rather than Sissy.

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