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Bravery Soup
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Everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time, and that's exactly what young hearts will find in this tale of Carlin, a timid racoon, who is skittish about everything - trying new things, sounds in the night, and even his own shadow.
Fortunately, Carlin has a good friend, Zack, who takes the cowering creature to Big Bear, "the bravest animal in all the land." Big Bear tells Carlin that the soup he is preparing, Bravery Soup, will banish all fears. Problem is, one extremely important ingredient is missing and Carlin must go after it.
Poor shuddering Carlin, he "must go alone through the Forbidden Forest to Skulk Mountain," and then into a cave in which a box is hidden. With knees shaking and lips trembling Carlin sets out.
The little fellow learns many important lessons along the way, and so will all who read this reassuring tale.
- Gail Cooke

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