Family Therapy: An Overview Review

Family Therapy: An Overview
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This is one of the oldest and most classic family therapy text. Many experienced counselors have benefited from previous editions of the book. I read it several years ago, and I am also the co-translator of the Chinese edition of this book (4th ed.). It took us a LOT of time in the translation process. Because the language is full of jargons and the sentences are very long. It's a bit difficult for non-English speaking people. However, it has some good points. First, it has almost everything a biginner needs to know about family therapy. Second, it includes updated information. For example, it now has a single chapter on cultural diversity and ethnicity, which is an important topic in this field. And the popular theories like narrative and solution-focused therapies are also included. One weakness is that many old and less-used approaches occupied much space only for their historical importance. Besides, some information on the chapter of research does not catch up with latest trends. Overall, I think it is suitable for introductory family therapy courses, especially at the undergraduate level. But I think it could have more clinical examples to more clearly depict the theories.

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This current, engaging, and practice-oriented text is your complete resource for mastering the many facets of family therapy. In this Seventh Edition of their respected text, Irene and Herbert Goldenberg examine and explain traditional and evolving viewpoints, perspectives, values, intervention techniques, and goals of family therapy. The authors provide practice-oriented content that will help you become an empathic and effective family therapist. The new edition includes the latest references and contemporary thinking on central issues such as family resiliency, alternative forms of family life today, gender, culture, and ethnic considerations. This edition also contains the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Code of Ethics-a great reference that will help you understand the importance of ethical practices.

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