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Wrestling isn't just a sport to Bobby Zane and Ivan Korske. It's a way of life. From the midnight runs to the cutting weight to plotting maneuvers in their sleep, wrestling is all they think about during the winter sports season. Both compete in the 129-pound weight class, and both refuse to let anything stand in the way of the state championship title.
Beyond their mutual love of wrestling, however, Bobby and Ivan couldn't be more different. Bobby's school wrestling team is known throughout New Jersey for its winning record. His family, though rich, is troubled by his mother's long working hours and his father's infidelity, and news that Bobby's girlfriend might be pregnant leaves Bobby wondering exactly where his life is headed.
Meanwhile, Ivan and his small-town farming father are grieving his mother, who was a strong influence in both their lives, and Ivan's anger and loss are felt by everyone except for his neighbor Shelley, who encourages Ivan's talents. Ivan's only hope of leaving his backwater town of Lemmings is a scholarship to Western Arizona University, but his father wants him to attend college close to home.
Each chapter alternates a point of view, taking the reader through both Bobby's and Ivan's journeys to the state championship. Alfred C. Martino, a wrestling fan, brings the excitement of their matches into the story. Both characters have depth and devotion to the people they love, even though their commitment to wrestling sometimes eats away at their relationships. Reading this book will make you think twice about the dumb jock stereotype.
   --- Reviewed by Carlie Webber

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