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Ghost Boy
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Ghost Boy, by Iain Lawrence, is the story of an albino boy named Harold. An albino lacks coloring matter in the skin, hair, and eyes, and so is very white in appearance. Harold lives as an outcast for the first part of his life, until he runs away to the circus. He is adopted by Princess Minikin and Fossil Man. For the first time, he begins to feel accepted by others. He meets another albino, the Cannibal King. He falls in love with Flip. Harold even teaches the elephants in the show to play baseball. But Harold finds that even here, there are the "freaks" and the others that are considered normal, and he is confused as to which group he belongs.Ghost Boy is an unforgettable book that entertained as well as captured my attention. I give it five stars and highly recommend it. It was an interesting book that held many emotions, including sadness, happiness, mysteriousness, suspense, humor, and anger. Ghost Boy helped me to understand the struggles and pain of those who feel they are different

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