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By: Susanna VancePicture this, a beautiful island known as a Cook Island named Calista. Its small, only a 30 minute walk all the way around, not even big enough to be found on a map. In the middle, off the ocean shore, is a dense forest. It's the place you read about in fairy tales, where the sun always rises and sets perfectly. The only problem is that a mysterious man who thinks he is in charge of everything owns it, but could that really ruin it all?
Ask a 13-year-old red head named Birdwinkle Sidwell or Birdie. Follow her as she takes you on an adventure you will never forget, that all begins when she travels to the Caribbean for one year of her life. Birdie is a normal teenage girl who wants to be an author but has a problem. Nothing amazingly interesting has ever happened to her so she has nothing to fill the pages of her book with. She wishes for something more exciting, something bigger, something to make a best seller and all of that comes true in an unexpected way.
Morgan Bera was born to the one true thing she loves, the endless sea. She fears land and what it seems to do to the people who live on it or even visit it. Morgan's strength and courage is the only thing keeping her going in life. After Morgan and her parents go their separate ways she is in search of someone to give her "official" papers so her beloved Svanhild would finally become hers, but her sense of ocean laws leads her on an adventure that will change her life forever.
Nicholas the Australian shows you the true meaning of a man with two faces. Is that sweet man really a fake though or is it all just your imagination. I mean, isn't he just an innocent Australian man that had the misfortune of some terrible accident? Judge for yourself as his character unravels before your eyes.
What about that popular girl though? That always seems to have her life together. What is her life really about? Well she gets Nudelized into this perfect little princess by her mom and the evil man himself. She tries to hold on to her true self and tries to stay the person that was once Birdie's best friend but will she?
The author, Susanna Vance's writing style captivates your attention throughout every page. Getting inside Birdie and Morgan's heads (as they switch off narrating the story) allows your emotions to change as well as your opinion about Nicholas's true heart to change as theirs do. The book places you on the island as well not watching form afar.
This book is not only about a struggle to survive but also a struggle to hang onto yourself and your character. As unsuspecting victim's lives get turned upside down what happens to them and does the duck ever drown?
Deep really keeps you thinking about tomorrow and what it brings. It is definitely a page-turner that teaches you the true importance of life and everything else. Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true in an unexpected way!

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