Foundling (Monster Blood Tattoo, Book 1) Review

Foundling (Monster Blood Tattoo, Book 1)
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"Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling" is being pushed by its publishers as a great original: "fantastical without conforming to the generally accepted notions of fantasy" (by which they mean that it isn't peopled by wizards and unicorns living in a vaguely European, mock-medieval setting.) The book certainly achieves this goal, although fantasy readers will probably take offense at the insinuation that the genre has nothing but princesses and dragons to offer. Even if this isn't the first fantasy world you encounter with "tri-corner hats and flintlock pistols", there is no denying Cornish's originality. The Half-Continent is a world at war: humans and monsters have been fighting for centuries. Biotechnology supplies light, engine power and even, in some cases, superhuman powers. Our hero, Rossamund, leaves the protected, if not fully comfortable, world of the orphanage where he was raised to start a career as a lamplighter outside the city walls. Early in his travels he is diverted from his true path and we discover the Half-Continent and its inhabitants through his adventures. The world is rendered with thoughtful and convincing detail, complemented by the author's own illustrations and an extensive set of appendices (the "Explicarium".)
In truth, "Foundling" is more of a first act than a first book: characters are introduced, mysteries are suggested, the scene is set; but the arc is not complete. I, for one, eagerly await, Act II.

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