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Who the Man by Chris Lynch is a must read for teenagers and all people who work with teenagers. This book tells the story of Earl, a thirteen year old boy, who deals with problems at home and school. He is bigger than everyone else and everyone thinks he is a bully, but he is quite the opposite. He learns the hard way what true friendship is all about and how to lobe both parents even though they divorce. This book is sad at times, but it is hard for the reader to put it down because of its strong conflicts and hopeful out come.
Earl is misunderstood by many people, even by his friends. There is conflict between Earl and his friends. His friends make him do things he really does not want to do. They use him to get stuff that they want like beer, because he is big. In the halls at school, they act like Earl is important to them, but behind his back they treat him badly.
Things are not any better at home. Earl sees his drunken father with another woman. He punches him in the bar. This is only one of many incidents that confuse Earl throughout the story but in the end he is not angry anymore.
To deal with his problems, Earl goes to his quit places. He likes Pryor Church and his room. He talks to himself and God. This helps him calm down and work through his problems.
Any one who reads this book will think it is dismal most of the time, but they will be glad that Earl amends things with his friends and his parents. Even when his parents divorce, he can see all of his friends and both of his parents. The conflicts are true to life, and this makes the book interesting and exciting.

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