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The First Thing My Mama Told Me
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"When I was born, the first thing my mama told me was my name... Mama says my name comes from a long-ago word for light. When I was born, she let that name shine on me." Lucy loves her name, the first thing that made her unique and special, and she remembers many wonderful things about it. Grandpa wrote it in icing on cupcakes when she was one, and Uncle David painted it on the stepstool she used to reach the sink when she was little. When she was three, she scribbled it everywhere she could reach, windows, floors, the front steps, her hand, and even her clothes. Her dad made her alphabet pancakes that spelled LUCY on her plate, and she reveled in eating up each letter. When she was five, her name was on her special coat hook at school where she hung her sweater, and when she was six she remembers stomping each letter in the snow, big enough for the sun and moon to read. Today, Lucy is seven, and as she eats cake with her loving family and opens her presents, she wonders just what her name will bring this year..... Susan Marie Swanson's joyous, lyrical text is filled with imagery and magic. Christine Davenier's lovely evocative artwork is expressive and playful, and complements the text beautifully. Together, word and art bring Lucy and her name to life in a heartwarming and captivating way. Perfect for youngsters 3-7, The First Thing My Mama Told Me is an engaging, feel-good story that begs to be read aloud and shared, and works well as both an introduction to name recognition and writing, and as a cozy bedtime story.

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