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One Night
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Gabe is a brash teenage guy who steadfastly ignores the pain of his past and seemingly lives only to toy with girls at parties. Helen is a serious, smart girl who wants to be a plastic surgeon and is uncomfortably aware of her previously deformed face. By chance, the two meet at a party that Helen reluctantly went to with a friend. Somehow, Helen and Gabe connect emotionally in an almost magical way and she is pregnant before the night is over. Helen is forced to deal with a life that changes each day in frightening and awe-inspiring ways.
Yes, this book is written in free verse. But as someone who usually shuns poetry, I can say that this style resulted in some of the most mind-blowingly moving images I have ever encountered in a novel. "One Night" is a quick read, composed of many one-or two paged poems that are each meant to chronicle a particular event or feeling in the lives of Helen, Gabe, and those connected to the two main characters. The poems vary in length, yet Wild writes them in such a way as to make every single word count. With surprisingly few words, she captures Gabe's desolation, Helen's powerful spirit, the upheaval the pregnancy causes, and the pain of labor. Wild is able to write in a way that will keep teens reading, but also to express controversial issues and wrenching emotions in ways that would make great authors proud. This is one of those books that you "travel" through with a racing heart, wanting to absorb every word of each poem, yet rushing ahead to find the next stunning line from this author's pen. With its simplicity yet depth and its hopeful ending, "One Night" is a book that will leave an impression.

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