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Simeon's Gift
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The imprint of the 'umbrella' under which this beautiful book was published, "Words, Wisdom and Wonder", fits it all the way. It is a beautiful story, wonderfully told and handsomely illustrated. I'll not retell it here. The editorials have already done that. I would say simply, that Simeon's story belongs in every household that has a child to be enwrapped by it and in any other household that appreciates good things. The book "Simeon's Gift" is definitely one of those 'good things'. I'm a grandmother, with grown grandchildren now...but I got the book for myself and find it a sheer delight to look at and to read. The CD that comes with it is a supersized bonus. Read so clearly and beautifully by Dame Julie and acompanied by lovely and appropriate music, it's a joy to listen to. Thank you Julie! I highly recommend it.

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