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Sassafras is a young skunk who feels different, unliked, and embarrassed for the fact that he sometimes STINKS. He learns that every living creature has something about him or her that is different, but "different" can also mean unique and wonderful. With the help of friends, family, and others with problems of their own, he learns that the "stink" is what makes him special, even heroic. All kids are special. They just need to be told. Sassafras is funny and fun and teaches us all a very important lesson. Acceptance.

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Sassafras is a charming picture book that tells the story of a little skunk who feels ashamed of his "smelly-old, stinky-old, funky-old" self. But as he plays with his many woodland friends—each special and unique—Sassafras discovers he, too, has a rare and special gift all his own.

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