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Eight Keys to Greatness
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Landrum has figured out 8 key behavioral traits critical to success that the truly great possess -- and says they can be learned. His descriptions of great people according to these traits, such as charisma, self-confidence, drive and intuition are fascinating and illuminating. He doesn't hold back on what the downside of some of these traits are, and some of those descriptions were sobering. A taxonomy of "greatness," it's a wonderful read. It's worth reading just to know that when he considered starting Disneyland, Disney had to go against the recommendations of his Board of Directors and experts such as the Stanford Research Institute. All the reasons they gave why the park would fail, turned out to be the reasons why it succeeded. Uh oh!

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What motivated a man trained in theology to uncover the theory of evolution? How did a shop owner's daughter become Prime Minister of a very chauvinistic nation? How did a man with a severe hearing problem invent the phonograph and the first sound movie camera? What prompted an 8th-grade dropout to unravel the technical mysteries of the catalytic engine? And why did somebody who 'could not write' turn into one of the most prolific and successful authors of our time? Luck, personal attributes, freaky experiences, timing, and a myriad of other factors can contribute to reaching the very top. But Dr. Gene N. Landrum expertly argues that 'talent is not nearly as important as indomitable will, IQ is not as important as a positive attitude, an Ivy League education is not as important as an inquisitive and imaginative mind, and money is not important at all'. The 'greats' have eight key behavioral traits critical to their success. "Eight Keys to Greatness" selects six diverse disciplines and those who achieved within them: the arts (Agatha Christie and Ernest Hemingway); business (Bill Gates and Helena Rubinstein); humanities (Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr.); politics (Catherine the Great and Mao Tse-tung); science (Albert Einstein and Marie Curie); and, sports (Michael Jordan and Babe Didrickson Zaharias) - to show that charisma, competitiveness, confidence, drive, intuition, rebellion, risk-taking, and tenacity led these celebrities to the top. Landrum includes biographical commentary on twenty-eight other visionaries, including Darwin, Marx, Twain, Freud, Edison, Margaret Mead, Walt Disney, Stephen King, Ted Turner, and Anne Rice, to back his findings drawn from hundreds of biographies, autobiographies, and related research. Are you capable of greatness? Yes, Landrum says, 'as long as you have slightly above average ability to grasp new concepts and have the internal will to pursue your dreams'. This book inspires readers to learn by example.

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