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Fat Boy Swim
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This book was pretty good, not the best but 4 stars is too low.
The scenario is that the very fat boy Jim, gets teased a lot a school (ovbiously because hes fat), lives with his mother and aunt pol, (his father dies a few years ago) and Jimmy has one secret that pretty much no one knows about: his cooking. He is a very good chef, and plans to open up his own resturant one day but is too embaressed to tell anyone what he thinks. His school coach (father patrick) has seen the abuse that Jimmy has taken from his classmates and offers to help in order for Jimmy to cook for him at a fundraiser for a well to be built to help poor people. Jimmy starts having these weird dreams, and then fiqure out he wants to swim. His classmates see this, and tease him even more, but Jimmy can never stand up for himself. I won't tell you anymore, so you can find out for yourself, but this book talks about important issues about bullying, learning to stand up for yourself, going after your dreams and not being afraid to show who you are. It also contains a huge twist that no one expects, and the only thing ill tell you about that is that Jimmy has family problems that are quite sad, but he learns to deal with them and accept who he is. (This book also contains a litttle bit of romance as well!) I would highly recommend this book, because it really captures you tino reading it and you can learn a few important lessons from it. This author really knows how to write, and if you don't read this book you'll be wishing you did the rest of your life :)!

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