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Start Something: You Can Make a Difference
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Earl and Tiger Woods team up in this book to provide great advice for children on how to make the most of their lives. The book begins with an introduction by Tiger that talks about the importance of being a role model, and describes his Dad as his. From his Father, he learned to "share and care." He challenges young readers. "With your help, I believe that we can make a difference in the lives of others across the world. I challenge you to join me."
The rest of the book contains advice by Earl for young people, the same advice that he gave Tiger. At the end of many sections, Tiger adds a quote that endorses and amplifies how he internalized these messages. Although explicitly aimed at youngsters, this book is equally valuable as role model information for parents, especially Fathers.
The key message is that good habits make for a better life. The book has about 70 brief essays that detail these good habits. Space limitations here prevent listing them all, but I thought they were all well worth articulating. Here are 19 of my favorite sections:
Follow your passion, not the pack.
Did you help someone today?
Unload your past mistakes.
Shut down the jerk who teases you.
You can pick your friends, but not your brothers and sisters.
You are a leader.
You have to start somewhere.
Notice the kid everyone ignores.
Respect your body.
Take responsibility for yourself.
Complaining is for cowards.
Are you listening?
Say hello.
What are you proud of today?
Keep promises.
Say you're sorry.
Say thank you.
Ask others about themselves.
Read newspapers.
Tiger Woods fans will revel in some of the stories in the book. One of my favorites is about Tiger when he was five. Earl and Tiger were watching a news program, and a story came on about children starving during the famine and civil war in Ethiopia. Earl told Tiger that a friend of Earl's was going to Ethiopia to help. Without another word, Tiger went into his room and brought back some of his cherished gold coins he collected and asked his father to send them to help the children in Ethiopia. Any parent would be proud to have such a child, even if he couldn't play golf!
Tiger's great golf ability is handled well in the book. Earl and Tiger make it clear that how well you hit the ball doesn't matter, it's what kind of person you are that counts. This message comes through loud and clear, and should help steer some young people away from the frivolous lives that many professional athletes live.
You will be proud of the Woods family as you read this book. It will reaffirm your faith in humanity and in positive role models. It is a truly heartwarming book in every way.
After you have shared this book with young people and begun to model your actions on Earl, think about how else you could be a good role model. What is your special gift that can inspire others to become a role model? Let me repeat Tiger's words here. "With your help, I believe we can make a difference in the lives of others across the world."
Love being a role model!

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"I challenge you to make a difference in the world, to reach higher and farther than you ever imagined. I challenge you to start something." -- Tiger Woods, from the foreword Are you ready for a challenge? Are you ready to make a real difference in your life, and the world around you? You can do it even if you're not Tiger Woods. You can be a winner at school, and with your friends, your family, your team. You can be the superstar of your own life. And you can start today. Tiger didn't start out as a champion. But his father Earl taught him unforgettable lessons about dreaming big, reaching goals, and believing with all his heart that anything is possible. He showed Tiger that anyone can make a difference in the world by reaching out and caring about others. And now Tiger's dad is sharing those lessons and ideas with you, so you can be a champion at whatever you do. Earl Woods and the Tiger Woods Foundation want you to Start Something. In this book you'll find dozens of ways you can start something new, and make the world a better place one step at a time. Some are about action, and some will just give you something to think about. Help a little kid clean up a park • settle an argument • write down one thing each day that you're proud of • donate school supplies to a needy school • ask your parents about their day • include the kid who always gets left out • refuse to give up • and much more... Try a few or try them all. Just try. Dare to set an example that others can follow. Dare to be great. Dare to set goals that only you can achieve. Packed with Tiger-tested advice and creative ideas for helping others, this book offers powerful insight into how you can build the kind of confidence that makes Tiger great, create goals that can help you make your way in the world, and take practical steps when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed. As Earl writes, "You are a miracle, and you can make miracles happen. Celebrate yourself, for all the things that make you special and unique. Remember: Anyone can be part of the pack, but there is only one of you."

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