States of Equilibrium Review

States of Equilibrium
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Dr. Burton has written another book that is on cutting edge.
He knows his craft so well that he is able to take you on the journey
into new territory with ease.
When you get the gist of the book and begin to see from Dr. Burton's perspective
it becomes easy for you to see what has blocked you in so many areas.
He also helps you to understand why others are stuck.
We all seek for happiness....and so many are blocked. When you understand
Dr. Burton's premise that many people develop ( my words ) a phobia to happiness.
The which we seek actually has been blocked by a fear of it.
Dr. Burton not only identified how this it manifests in your life or the life of
people you may know or work with....he also shows how to deal with as he has with clients for years.
Its amazing what 20,000 plus hours of helping and healing people can teach someone.
Don't miss out on this kind of an education from an Expert like Dr. Burton
Read this book!

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This publication represents a major step forward in both our understanding of the human personality as well as our ability to attain a higher level of human development. By presenting a variety of human development theories as well as NLP concepts, the author equips both counselors and NLP practitioners with all the tools necessary to neutralize stress and anxiety in their clients.

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