Baby Turtle's Tale Review

Baby Turtle's Tale
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Baby Turtle is one of seven species of sea turtles. Mama Turtle came ashore, dug a hole in the sand, laid several eggs, and carefully buried them. One by one the eggs hatched during the next 45 to 70 days. One egg was left un-hatched. Mama turtle took her babies for a swim and to their new home in the reef. Early the next morning Baby Turtle broke out of his shell. He wondered where is family could be.
A nearby crab pointed him in the direction the family had gone and warned of dangers on the beach. In clever rhyming lyrics the Baby Turtle's Tale is told. A seagull, giant waves, an octopus, a shark, and being snared by a fisherman's net are all a part of Baby Turtle's dangerous adventurous journey.
The fisherman quickly released Baby Turtle back to the sea. Dolphins guided him on his way, as he let his instincts take over. Schools of bright-painted fish gave him a clue he was approaching the reef. Would he find his family there?
Cheerful, brightly colored illustrations drawn by Romi Caron artfully complement the words of the narrative and the special Ani-motion windows created by Jeffrey Charles Cole and Heather Brown.
A "Learn about Sea Turtles" section at the end of the books highlights information on this endangered species as well as offers suggestions for ways the young reader can help safeguard the Sea Turtle's future.
A delightful and engaging read aloud book for families with young children.

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This is something to "sea" and read. Full-color ani-motion technology comes alive and propels Baby Turtle's Tale, a lovely and touching story about a baby sea turtle hatching and making his way in the underwater world.Elle McGuinness, the author of the well-received Bee and Me, takes us on the sea turtle's adventures from the beach to the reunion with his family on the coral reef.Ages 4 and upA timely turtle tale.* Baby Turtle's Tale will appeal to young readers interested in preserving the environment and helping the plight of endangered species like sea turtles.Features an educational appendix of fun and interesting facts about sea turtles

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