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Someone Special, Just Like You
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I volunteered to put together a group of books for my daughter's preschool (ages 3 1/2-4) which dealt with the topic of diversity and disabilities. I have ordered and read about 15-20 children's books on the subject of children with handicaps. By far this was the very best one that I came across. It had beautiful photographs of children with all types of disabilities and the message in this book (unlike several others which I read) was 100% positive. What I mean by this is that while some other books on disabilities may deliver a message that says "don't be mean, or tease children with disabilities" , etc., this one was totally focused on all children as being lovable and worthwhile people -- very focused on only a positive message. I really enjoyed it and my daughter's class also did. The message is simple, straightforward and very warm. Compared to other books on the subject, this one really was written at a good level for the 3-4 age group.

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Here are children singing, dancing, going down slides, and blowing bubbles. A girl with a sly smile carefully crosses a balance beam. Out on a science trip, two boys step close enough to touch the glass wall between themselves and a huge porpoise. One young child smells a lovely flower, another splashes in a pool, and a third bangs on a tambourine. Here are children discovering the world around them, at home and with their friends.All of these children are doing the things that children like to dothe children in these photographs have handicaps. Although they may not walk, talk, hear, or see the way that others do, that doesn't make them different in their need to experience life completely. Each child in Someone Special, Just Like You is a full participant in the joys and pains of childhood.The wonderful pictures and words presented here are an important first step in helping children, parents, and teachers to understand that the differences that seem to separate these children from others are not important. What is important is the common delight in life: a desire to love, learn, and play, and to be accepted for themselves, as other children are.The photographs in Someone Special, Just Like You were taken at four different preschools in the San Francisco Bay Area. These preschool are for children with visual impairments, hearing impairments, physical handicaps, and mental handicaps.

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