Hidden Masks Unveiled: Discover the Face of Truth Review

Hidden Masks Unveiled: Discover the Face of Truth
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I usually pick my books based on the cover and the readability of the text and of course, topic. Ms Jamieson's book is one which I immediately felt comfortable with, and was prepared to sit down for a good read. It meets all expectations. In fact, as Helen relates her life's struggles, her disappointments, and what she learns through her pain, she comes out shining in victory, having discovered the true purpose for her life...that is, living for and serving her Creator Lord and Saviour.
Through her book, the reader regardless of religious persuasion will find his or her life enriched and filled with hope for the future. Regardless of one's level of spirituality, Helen reaches us all. And for those with little spiritual awareness, there is much to discover and savour and consider. Overall, this book is a must read for anyone who loves books and those authors who share their lives and thoughts and experiences through those books. There is nothing as edifying as the written Word.

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Through this powerful, personal story of one person's journey to full trust and openness with God, we discover the freedom that comes from unveiling our true selves in the healing light of Christ. In the process, Helen walks us through chapters that explore each of 12 masks, some of which may surprise you! The book finishes with a powerful lesson about putting on the armor of God in order to stay in authentic, honest relationship with God. In addition, insight challenges, exercises, sample prayers, and a study guide make this a great book to share in a small group setting. Powerful, courageous, and practical, Hidden Masks Unveiled will ask you some challenging questions about your own walk of faith and invite you to trust God in true, revitalized relationship.

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