Porkelia: A Pig's Tale Review

Porkelia: A Pig's Tale
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Most youngsters have a dream, and Porkelia wasn't any different - she wanted to be the first Piggy Rockette. Now, it's not easy being a Rockette when your hooves are cloven, you're quite short, and carry most of your considerable weight at your middle. However, the Wise One had told her this was her destiny.
Porkelia held on to her dream despite warnings from the other pigs who squealed, "That Wise One's a sham! You'll end up as dinner - an apple-stuffed ham!"
She bought a gold dancing suit, some red ooh-la-la tap shoes, and headed for New York City. Boy, those shoes hurt her feet as she trudged along, and things didn't get any better in the Big Apple. She sold blenders by day to eke out a living and danced her gig at night.
Months turned to years as Porkelia sunk deeper into despair but she didn't give up. At last an agent discovered her and after kicking hoof with the girls and doing her snout turns she soon became a star. Actually, she became the rage and won worldwide acclaim. Upon Porkelia's retirement years later "She opened ten dance schools in Jersey and France, teaching talented piglets to snout-twirl and dance."
While Tucker's book is filled with smile provoking illustrations and the narrative is framed in catchy rhyme, PORKELIA is also an empowering, encouraging story for youngsters everywhere - yes, your dreams can come true.
Highly recommended.
- Gail Cooke

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