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That's Like Me
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I bought 5 of these books for my local elementary, middle, high school, and library. It's a great, easy read - stories of people (each on two pages with lots of great photos) who have overcome some sort of educational disability to excel in something that interested them. This was just the sort of thing our special education department needed to boost the morale and egos of our older students. Highly recommended!

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What do a trapeze artist, an Arctic explorer, and a soccer player have in common? Meet the fifteen kids and adults profiled in That s Like Me!, a collection of first-person accounts of successful people who learn differently. Whether it was reading, math, writing, or speech problems, each person shares his or her inspiring story of facing the challenge of school, while pursuing important goals. An invaluable resource list for adults and students included, as well as a place for kids to write their own success stories.

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