The Secret to Life Transformation: How to Claim Your Destiny Now Review

The Secret to Life Transformation: How to Claim Your Destiny Now
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In my opinion, The Secret to Life Transformation does not fulfill its promise of delivering the secret to life transformation. For that matter I do not believe it offers any real new insights into life transformation.
The book is actually a collection of essays by 12 very diverse but somewhat famous people. Most of the authors were well known in their field but certainly not household names.
Because the book is a collection of writings by different authors, it does not have a consistent voice. The lessons presented in each essay do not drive toward a common method for transformation. The theme is very loosely connected. While each attempts to tell how they transformed their lives, there is no system or step by step process for others to follow. There are some nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout the book.
Some of the essays are fairly interesting. It is always interesting to learn how a person rose to the top against some steep odds. But what I was looking more for guiding principles rather than the widely varied stories.
A high percentage of the stories have a significant religious foundation. Some people may object to the strong religious leanings.
Judge Sol Wachter takes a bit of a detour discussing the criminal justice system's handing of mentally disturbed inmates. While there is no denying the huge social problem and the fact that it is inadequately handled, I felt this veered off course. It created a distraction rather than giving additional insight into how to transform one's life.
If you are interested in reading 12 loosely connected stories of how some people rose from very difficult conditions to transform their lives, then this would be a good book. On the other hand, if you are looking for a how-to guide to transforming your own live, this will probably be a bit of a disappointment.

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