Finding Hope in the Age of Melancholy Review

Finding Hope in the Age of Melancholy
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This is a book well worth reading if one is concerned about the health of today's American Culture. After a slow start, Mr. Awbrey zeros in on the value and meaning. He shows that self has become the lead cultural actor of our time displacing community and country in the process while Post-Modern philosophy tells us there is no hope of discovering meaning beyond the self. Mr. Awbery shows how Modernism has brought us to this point and Post-Modernism has stranded us there. But Mr. Awbery is not satisfied with this condition and calls on great thinkers of the past and present to brought peace and social harmony through science and technology, but massive destruction, bloodshed and millions of atomized, disinherited individuals who deny any allegiance to universal moral ideals or spiritual beliefs."
"... the self ... has been divorced from tradition, community, and morality. All those character forming forces are replaced by a fashionable appearance - a public-relations self."
"... many Americans ... perceive life ... as a quest for the 'self,' an almost mythological creature defined according to the latest therapeutic model of mental health or trendy psychological theory of consciousness that promises control over life while brushing aside moral anxieties that have burdened people for countless generations."
I highly recommend this book for those who seek meaning in human life. Mr. Awbrey has answered that question for himself and shares the answer with his reader

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