The Boy Who Ran to the Woods Review

The Boy Who Ran to the Woods
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This is a well crafted book. In story and illustration, it reminds me of children's books of 30 years ago; the tone is soft tone and colors subdued. Harrison, a wild man of a novelist and poet, tells the story of his youth in northern Michigan and how he came to find peace in the natural world. Pohrt's illustrations are evocative of small town life and the plants and animals in the woods beyond. The book sneaks up on you--the tale is simple, understated, but also strangely comforting and, ultimately, unforgettable.

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Jim Harrison is best known for his novels that speak wisdom and illuminate the soul. He now turns his hand to a child's tale, The Boy Who Ran to the Woods. Exquisitely illustrated by Tom Pohrt, The Boy Who Ran to the Woods recounts a childhood tragedy that ends in redemption. Harrison tells a personal story of little Jimmy, a boy who injures his eye and must learn life's meanings through adversity. It is this painful experience that leads to little Jimmy's discovery of nature -- animals, birds, and woods -- and ultimately to his ability to overcome intense suffering. Beautifully written with Harrison's quintessential style of writing about the natural world, combined with the unique illustrations of Tom Pohrt, The Boy Who Ran to the Woods promises to delight children of all ages and will appeal to all the devoted fans of Harrison's literature and poetry as well.

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