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Brooklyn Rose
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When Rose Frampton begins a diary on her fifteenth birthday in December of 1899, she doesn't expect her life on a South Carolina plantation to change much, although she is excited about the approach of a new century. And she certainly doesn't expect to marry yet. But Rene Dumarest, a wealthy silk importer twice her age, proposes marriage -- and believing it will help her family's finances, Rose accepts. Now she must leave her home to travel north to Rene's home in Brooklyn. Rose must adjust to being mistress of her own home, to being a married woman, when in many ways she is still just a child.
This book is another excellent history novel by Ann Rinaldi, based on the life of her grandparents, Rose and Rene. Rose was an excellent character, and the author really showed how she was caught between girlhood and womanhood. I also loved how this book was written in the form of a diary. I highly recommend this book to Ann Rinaldi's fans, and to teen readers who historical fiction in diary form.

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It's 1900--the dawn of a new century--and never in her wildest dreams did fifteen-year-old Rose Frampton ever think she'd leave her family and home on the peaceful shores of her island plantation in South Carolina . . . especially not to live with a new husband in the land of the Yankees. But she is doing just that. Rose's new life with her handsome and wealthy husband in Brooklyn, New York, is both scary and exciting. As mistress of the large Victorian estate on Dorchester Road, she must learn to make decisions, establish her independence, and run an efficient household. These tasks are difficult enough without the added complication of barely knowing her husband. As romance blossoms and Rose begins to find her place, she discovers that strength of character does not come easily but is essential for happiness. Writing in diary form, Ann Rinaldi paints a sensual picture of time and place--and gives readers an intimate glimpse into the heart of a child as she becomes a woman.

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