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My Name Is Bilal
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Portrays a familiar school situation with depth and sensitivity. Other kids at Bilal's new school tear off his sister's head scarf and make anti-Muslim remarks. Bilal feels he needs to hide his Muslim identity, and we (the readers) understand why. We all understand what it's like to be singled-out and afraid, even if our specific situation is not the same as Bilal's. Some concerned adults help Bilal feel comfortable about embracing his identity as a Muslim, but Bilal finds a way to make peace with the bully all on his own. Bilal's solution has to do with teamwork and sportsmanship, and it gives us insight into Bilal's developing character. Spirituality is built into the story in a subtle and satisfying way. This multi-layered story will appeal people of many faiths. Bilal's story transcends categories of religion or nationality.

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