Chance Fortune in the Shadow Zone (Adventures of Chance Fortune) Review

Chance Fortune in the Shadow Zone (Adventures of Chance Fortune)
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The sequel to Chance Fortune and the Outlaws begins right after Book One's cliffhanger. The Outlaws are trapped on a remote planet, dubbed the Shadow Zone. Berryhill rightly trims the cast of characters down to a manageable five, something the first book did not do.
There is plenty of action - Minotaur statutes, spider-creatures, dragons, a pegasus. Once again, Berryhill believes in throwing a lot at the reader. The pacing is a bit uneven and character development stalls a bit. I found the author was mixing genres readily, combining post-apocalyptic, super-hero and fantasy without hesitation.
The book is fine and worthy of a 3-star rating, but it is hardly memorable. There is little being done in the "Super Hero" books for young adults genre, so the book tantalizes with possibility. There is room for a 3rd book, but no indication that one is coming out.

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At the end of their freshman year, Chance Fortune and the Outlaws saved the universe. Though he lacks a superpower, fifteen-year-old Chance used his natural athleticism and quick wits to form his team into an effective fighting force. The Outlaws have learned to trust and rely upon one another. As the bonds of their friendship strengthen, Chance finds it more difficult than ever to conceal his true identity.When an apparent teleportation malfunction strands the team in the Shadow Zone, the Outlaws are put to the test once more. Teeming with supervillains exiled by the Brotherhood of Heroes, the Shadow Zone is a land of nightmares brought to life. And when Psy-Chick, Gothika, Iron Maiden, and Private Justice are kidnapped by the mysterious Shadowmen, Chance knows that he must set aside his doubts in order to save them.

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