The Silver Slippers (Magic Charm Book) Review

The Silver Slippers (Magic Charm Book)
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If you're looking for a book full of motivatoin and encouragement, "The Silver Slippers" is the perfect choice. This book tells the story of a little girl who loved to dance, but never put her whole heart into it, until one day when the right motivation came along. In her class, they were to have a recital. This made the little girl glow with excitement. When she learned that the best ballerina in the class would be rewarded with being able to be the "Prima Ballerina." For the following weeks up until the recital, the little girl practiced and practiced, trying to perfect her ballet. While her friends did lived thier normal every day lives, the little girl stayed inside and worked extrememly hard. Sometimes the little girl would get down because of how long it was taking to get it right, so her mother got her a pair of silver slippers to hang around her neck. Every time the little girl danced, she wore the slippers as a reminder of the hard work she had done. When the time came to find out who the "Prima ballerina" was, the little girl became very nervous. But not for long, as she found out she got to be the star of the recital. The night came and as the girl got nervous, she looked at the slippers around her neck and took a step out on stage. Her performance was flawless. A true reward for her hard work. This book shows the determination of one little girl, and the reward she got from hard work. It is the perfect book for a bit of encouragement and motivation. Every child should have a copy of "The Silver Slippers."

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